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CxE Group, LLC

20A Edwardsville Prof Park
Edwardsville, IL 62025

314-436-6543 ext 2

Service area: 200 miles

CxE Group specializes in the design of high performance buildings and commissioning procedures that ensure energy goals are met the long term. Started in 1995, we continue to focus on the sustainable, high indoor quality and energy efficient design principles that have guided us for over 30 years.

CxE Group specializes in the energy efficient design and operation of building mechanical and electrical systems, and integrated design process that help optimize the overall building development. With years of experience with passive solar design and high quality system selection, we have been fortunate to help produce very successful, cost effective projects. Our first Green home was completed in 2005, and incorporated several unique features. Our two main principals are both LEED Accredited Professionals, and we are members of the USGBC, ASHRAE, NSPE and NFPA professional associations.