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Burnham Nationwide

111 W. Washington Street 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602


Service area: 150 miles

Service Area: Chicago, IL San Jose, CA Redondo Beach, CA Denver, CO New York, NY


Offering a complete array of permit, code and sustainability consulting services. At Burnham Nationwide, we can provide our clients with green building consultants whose job it is to work directly with project managers, building owners, architects, and engineers. Their role is to advise these professionals about the best ways of integrating green technologies into their next building project. Their advice concerns how to meet USGBC’s LEED certification standards as well as how to integrate green technologies that will save the building’s owner money and increase the property’s ultimate resale value. We can tailor our advice to fit the needs of your particular project.


We advise these professionals about the best ways of integrating green technologies into their next building project.


Our sustainable design consulting team is staffed with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals who evaluate the feasibility of new or existing construction projects to meet LEED Green Building Rating System requirements. They are unequivocally qualified to oversee and guide your LEED project through design, documentation and construction to achieve certification.

The founders of Burnham Nationwide selected the name to embrace the philosophy of Chicago Architect and urban planner, Daniel Hudson Burnham. Just as Daniel Burnham envisioned greatness in every endeavor, at Burnham Nationwide so do we on a daily basis.

It is embodied by our employees, whose passion and commitment provide the driving force behind our vision of becoming the nationally recognized name in building permits and related services.
It is evident in our facilities, from our headquarters in Chicago to our regional offices in Denver, New York and Seattle, each conveniently located to crucial municipal resources and each designed to promote a sustainable work environment.
It guides our mission of creating a special experience for all of our customers, vendors, employees and partners. At Burnham we know that any given day is comprised of many experiences, and if we can provide one that exceeds expectations everyone wins.