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Eco Home Expert Inc.

2231 Hawkey Drive
Belvidere, IL 61008


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Eco Home Expert Inc. covers Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.


Eco Home Expert Inc. provides our clients with the opportunity to recycle everything that gets removed from their home when reroofs or remodeling projects take place. We also correct things like roof ventilation and or attic insulation to help home owners save hundreds in energy costs. Eco Home Expert Inc. is also Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsins leading experts and installers of Photovoltaic Solar Electrical Systems.


Eco Home Expert Inc. recycled over a million pounds of asphalt shingles in 2011. We have also installed several Solar PV Systems in our community, helping home owners and businesses produce their own electricity with enviromentally clean renewable energy.


Eco Home Expert Inc. extensively train all of our employees in the current green contractor techniques and materials. All of our staff are Green Screened Certified. We are registered with the shingle manufacturers as Green Roofing Contractors. Also, we have experts on staff in Solar Photovoltaic Electrical Systems.

Eco Home Expert Inc. recycles aproximately 99% of all the material we tear off when doing reroofs or remoldeling projects. We are the only local roofing contractor in our area that provide this service to our clients. We also help home owners save hundreds by making their home more energy efficiant by correcting their ventilation and insulation. Eco Home Expert Inc. is also this areas leading experts in Solar renewable energy.