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Service area: 200 miles


Eco-innovations provides green building and marketing consulting services. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that reveal the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable products, practices and policies.

We make strategic recommendations that have mutually beneficial outcomes: good for the planet and good for the bottom line.

Our green building consultants work with new construction design teams throughout project development to make the process of constructing sustainable, healthy homes as seamless as possible. By providing on-going support and innovative product and building practice recommendations based on a high level of research and analysis, we allow builders and architects the time to do what they do best: plan, design and build.

Our green building services include:

Builder & Architect Support
We work directly with general contractors and architects to develop strategies that increase building value, decrease utility expense, maximize resources and minimize environmental impact. We conduct a design team project initiation meeting to establish green building objectives and to review green building strategies and products. We conduct on site meetings throughout project construction to follow-up with green building achievements; plan for future implementation; and to answer questions and provide green product recommendations.

Green Building Planning & Verification
After establishing project goals, we employ the expertise of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED® AP), Brycelaine Self, to author a Green Building Work Plan. Whether you choose to have your home certified as ENERGY STAR®, Built Green™, and/or LEED®, or simply would like Eco-innovations to provide green building strategies and product recommendations without a rating system, the Green Building Work Plan is designed to be used as a customized green construction guide. It outlines the recommended green construction practices and products for the project.

Product Recommendations
From insulation to water heating systems, we provide product recommendations to project teams with the following in mind: innovation, environmental impact, efficiency, toxicity, lifecycle cost and purchase price. Our goal is to provide you with various options so you can choose the best product according to your project goals and budget.

We are the creators of, a comprehensive online product and technology comparison resource that evaluates product performance in terms of efficiency, environmental impact, human health and financial feasibility.

Eco-rate’s platform for rating products is where our model of providing product recommendations stems from. Please visit to learn more.


Eco-innovations' team of green building consultants have worked on new construction and existing building retrofit projects throughout Washington and California.

Our most recent success is the 5-star Built Green Certification of a new home in the Seattle area.

We have assisted builders, architects and property owners to construct and maintain healthy, efficient and sustainable residential and commercial properties. Please contact us to learn more.


Our green building consultants are post-graduates; most with masters of science degrees, LEED Accreditation and ENERGY STAR verifier certification.

Our team is constantly involved with emerging trends, technologies and policy developments in the green building world.

Our mission is to reveal the environmental AND economic benefits of green building and sustainability. Via our consulting services and online resource/sister company,, our goal is to express the true cost of property and product ownership, accounting for health, environmental and financial costs.

We seek to redefine the notion of quality by including sustainability factors into what is considered a "valuable" entity. Our hope is to advance innovation so that "green" today becomes the benchmark for tomorrow.