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Greensulate, Llc

154 Grand Street
Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10013

800-613-3180 ext 708

Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Greensulate has installed green roofs on both the West and East Coasts. We are capable of doing business in any location.


Greensulate is on the leading-edge of integrated design, engineering, installation and maintenance of Green Roof Systems (+ Walls) for the residential, commercial and industrial markets, as well as public & private institutions.

Recognized as one of the top five of "Opportunity Green's Top Start-ups of 2009.” Featured innovator at Innovation Economy Conference 2009 (Intel & The Aspen Institute – sponsors).

Green roofs are an aesthetic that provide many benefits, which are described on our website


As of 2010, we have installed 100,000 sq.ft. of green roofs from New York City to Los Angeles. Our experience includes schools, industrial property, large condominium and coop developments, and private estates. We are capable of handling any project size, from a 600 sq.ft. bungalow to a 100,000 sq.ft. storage facility.


The company was founded by Amy Norquist, former Deputy Director at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries. Every Greensulate installer is a certified Green Roof Professional.

Greensulate's mission is to help property owners reduce energy costs, storm water run-off, and roof maintenance. We work with our clients to facilitate successful applications of local green roof tax abatements. We play a major role in bringing energy efficiency solutions to architects, developers, engineers, owners, property managers, and roofing contractors.

Company History
In 2007, Ms. Norquist began searching for a green roof expert to install a roof on her property. After a tiring and unsuccessful search for someone who understood the technology and installation process, she decided to create a company providing excellence and expertise in green roofing.