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Cam Solar

110 Broadway
Suite 209
San Antonio, TX 78205


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: San Antonio


Installation and design of solar energy systems to provide thermal renewable energy technology across the country and around the globe. We provide consultation to determine eligibility for government rebates for solar power for commercial solar systems and residential solar systems.


In September 2010, CAM Solar, Inc. volunteered to to install an off-grid solar photovoltaic system in a school located in Haiti outside of Port Au Prince. With the devastation left by the earthquake in January 2010, the island had an unreliable electrical grid and a severe problem keeping its water supply clean. Brian Cullen and Daniel Moyer of CAM Solar, Inc. travelled to Haiti and installed the 5 kW off-grid system on the roof of the administration building of the Louverture-Cleary School. This reduction in the load helped to power many computers, fans, lights, a refrigerator and freezer, and a water cooler. CAM Solar continues to communicate with the leadership at the school and plans to return to the fine island nation in the years to come to help instruct the local population on how they can take advantage of all the energy the sun has to offer them. Congratulations Louverture-Cleary School!


Brian Cullen, President of CAM Solar, graduated from the School of Renewable Energy at San Juan College. A recent winner of The Going Green Top Business Award presented by the San Antonio Business Journal, he is a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer TM and is now at the helm of all operations at the company’s headquarters in San Antonio.

Daniel Moyer, Chief Technical Officer, is a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer TM who graduated magna cum laude from The University of Pittsburgh. He then attended San Juan College’s Renewable Energy Program, where he was honored with the Award for Renewable Energy Excellence. He designed and built the Solar Roller, a full solar-powered roving Solar Education Center.

Tony Contreras, Head of Business Development, holds a BA degree in Quantitative Economics and Decision Science and a NABCEP Certificate of Excellence in Solar PV Sales.

Being in the business of solar means sharing the same level of commitment to creating a better world as our distinguished customers. Since 1980, This veteran- owned and operated company has served our local military, proud homeowners and commercial businesses by focusing one just one thing, solar. We live and breathe excellence in all categories of our business from sales and customer support, operations, engineering and service after the sale. It is this combination that makes us an American company we have served in the past and will continue to long into the future.

CAM SOLAR believes that doing the right thing is the the very foundation of the business and its employees. Whether it is our CEO teaching Solar PV classes at Alamo College or one of the CAM engineers who rides his bicycle to work, CAM Solar applies real substance to the concept of commitment to renewable energy and the community. San Antonio is definitely CAM SOLAR Territory and will continue to show you in many different ways what that means.