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S & S Studio

33 Potash Hill Rd
Cummington, MA 01026


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Locations served include all of New England, New York City, Boston, Hartford and New Haven, Conneticut.


S & S Studio specializes in environmentally friendly and home healthy cabinets and furniture.


All projects produced are made using the latest and most effective environmentally friendly building solutions. The hardwoods used are typically locally sourced and sustainably harvested. With the exception of bamboo plywood, the sheet goods are all from domestic sources and of low formaldehyde materials. Finishes are low VOC waterborn paints and lacquers over shellac. Reclaimed materials are used when appropriate. Starting in 2012 the woodshop will be fully solar powered.

Sustainable building has always been part of my mission. After seeing the amount of waste that is generated in construction and the short life of most residential and commercial cabinets, it is the ultimate design challenge to make pieces that are built to last with the least amount of waste and the lowest environmental impact. A visit to Brazil convinced me to advocate for locally harvested and sustainably produced woods, which all customers have come to appreciate.