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Boss Properties

3417 N 60th ST
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Service area: 30 miles

Service Area: Maricopa County, Az


Boss Properties assists clients in evaluating the cost/benefits of green building features and practices by distinguishing between industry rating and classification systems, listing and marketing green homes and buildings, discussing the financial grants and incentives available to homeowners, and helping consumers see a property's green potential.


While not currently involved in any green building projects, our intent is to be involved in green remodeling projects as the economy and our cash flow improves.


Tammy Bosse (Broker) obtained the National Association of Realtors Green Designation in November 2009.
Wade Jarvis (Realtor) became a LEED accredited professional in June 2009 and is a former custom home superintendent

As realtors, Tammy Bosse and I will advocate for green building practices and products for our clients.
As a former superintendent, I have extensive experience in remodeling and I intend to apply that experience, along with my LEED training to obtain LEED certification on future remodeling projects.