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ChrDAUER Architects

ChrDAUER Architects

USGBC member

1 Arkansas Street D2
San Francisco, CA 94107


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: San Francisco Bay Area Truckee, CA Old Saybrook, CT Plainfield, MA Bethesda, MD Bozeman, MT


ChrDAUER Architects serves clients who seek finely detailed, environmentally responsive and responsible buildings.

As the design principal and primary client contact, Christian Dauer AIA, NCARB, LEEDap (New Construction), is committed to and experienced in integrating sustainable design ideas and technologies into every project.


Christian Dauer, AIA, NCARB, LEEDap Principal
M. Arch., University of Texas at Austin
Registered Architect, California

Lauren Zeller, LEEDap Project Manager/Designer
B.S. Arch., University of Virginia

Kristin Mjolsnes, NCARB, LEEDap, Intermediate Architect
B.A. Macalester College
M. Arch., University of Oregon
Registered Architect, Washington, DC

San Francisco, CA under permit review
Green Point Rated v.6.0
4,253 sqft. new single family house.
Sited on a rare, never-developed, San Francisco lot, this house is bracketed by the same switch-back street - its steeply sloped front and back yards share the same thoroughfare. While we oriented the front-of-house up hill to minimize massing and excavation impacts, the very visible rear is detailed with equal care and increased articulation.
The front facade is a simple one-story gable structure and includes a 430 sqft. southwest facing PV-ready slope. Beyond the front gate, the house’s terraced exterior and interior living spaces are revealed. Behind the garage, at the “top yard” lies a generous extensive-landscaped roof terrace. The 2nd floor (below) contains open living, cooking, dining, and associated outdoor spaces oriented towards westerly views of the Pacific. The 3rd floor contains a generous master suite and 2 bedrooms. The 4th floor (the bottom-most) houses family and guest bed rooms with a private shaded slat-wall porch with direct connection to the rear yard at grade.

San Francisco, CA completed 2/2014
30,000 sqft. commercial tenant improvement
A three story reinforced concrete building, is converted into office, prototype laboratory, and presentation/meeting space for an international consumer products design-development company. Portions of the base building are being re-designed, and re-engineered, to maximize employee comfort and safety, accommodate large scale prototyping equipment, and to establish a state-of-the-art research, presentation, and training workspace.

San Francisco, CA completed 5/2012
Italianate Victorian home comprehensive remodel.
The original 1,000 sq ft home is transformed and doubled in area, WITHIN its original footprint. A complete re-engineering of the 1st story (allowing 3 new bedrooms and a bath), the connection of 2nd floor public spaces, and the introduction of a new internal stair, maximize the potential of this otherwise modest house.

San Mateo, CA completed 1/2011
Craftsman historic home renovation, remodel, "house within a house" high performance internal addition.
Energy/resource use analysis and participation in the ACI 1000 Home Challenge with documented and achieved goal to reduce metered energy use by at least 75%.

San Francisco, CA, completed 3/2009
Post 1906 earthquake historic home comprehensive remodel.
Along one of the Mission District’s busiest sidewalks, an Edwardian townhouse is restored and expanded with 2 substantial yet stealthy additions. Peeking out above the restored front façade, a modern 3rd story bedroom level hints at the redesigned rear living spaces within. New meets old via integrated natural lighting, efficient technologies, restored and repurposed material strategies “wasting and wanting for not”.

U.S. Green Building Council Member
U.S. Green Building Council Member

The U.S. Green Building Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation. More...