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Master Of Plaster

1030 Drake St.
Columbia, SC 29209


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Our plasters are currently being used in projects all across the States. We ship all over but we treat each individual customer and project in a very hands on approach so as to make sure they are fully realizing the benefits of using lime-based plasters, both aesthetically and environmentally.


We are manufacturers of one of the only AMERICAN MADE slaked-lime based plasters. Using Historically authentic formulas, we offer a range of 100% organic plaster products ranging from Venetian Plasters and CaenStone to a unique Restoration Plaster and Limewashes. Our materials do away with the need for bonding agents and sanding, and were originally created for the Preservation fields, helping to restore structures' walls and ceilings in order to save unnecessary disposal of existing material. Our plaster is shipped using 5-gallon pails that comes ready mixed and thus reduces the excessive waste of materials with onsite preparation and the disposal of bags from shipping. Clients recycle the pails and use them again and again for future construction and design needs. Also, with all bagged plasters, there is a shelf life of right at about 6 months and once the material has been prepped, the plaster must be used within about 45 minutes before it goes bad and must be disposed of. As a pre-mixed, wet formula from a lime-base, our plasters will keep for up to 5 years. If excess material is left over after a project, all one has to do is top the remaining material off with a thin layer of water, seal the lid back on, and the material sits until it is needed on the next project somewhere down the road.

Made in the States, we use organic materials only from the surrounding States and do not import any of our materials from overseas, which is many other plaster manufacturers practice.

If you are unfamiliar with the Environmental benefits of slaked-lime plasters, they are an exceptional material that far exceeds the benefits of most other Interior wall finishes. When a slaked-lime plaster is reintroduced to air, the material recarbonates by absorbing the carbon dioxide from the air. Once a lime plaster has fully cured and hardened completely the material still "breathes" with it's surroundings; helping to moderate and regulate both the humidity levels and the temperature levels in the surrounding fluctuating environment. As well, lime plaster naturally kills mold, bacteria, and other harmful organisms. This material is naturally fire resistant and anti-static (refrains from collecting dust particles) to provide the best possible interior for the inhabitants.


Our work experience is to provide individuals with the resources, both through our materials and through our educational outreach, to create the best environments possible in which to reside and to work and to play. Our plasters have been used on numerous high end commercial and residential design projects as well as on some of the most prestigious restoration projects in the States. We are members of the PTN and have been active participants in the IPTW every year. We are members as well of ICAA and are extremely passionate about preserving our country's built heritage. Our philosophy is that Preservation is the foundation of Green Design.


Affiliations with the local USGBC South Carolina Chapter, course training and demonstrations with the local chapters functions and outreach efforts. LEED training courses.

Basically, we are passionate about the art of plaster. We believe it to be a dying trade and we feel that it is one of the oldest, most artistic, and best environmental materials that has ever been created. There is a level of education that pertains to this material, and we feel it is our mission to help educate all who value the building and design trades, whether it be new construction or restoration work, so as to help them achieve the highest quality spaces in which to live.