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PO Box 19172
Saint Louis, MO 63118

314-144-5165 ext 2

Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We are currently working many locations in the metropolitan Saint Louis area including Illinois.


Landscape architecture and landscape design for general sustainable purposes or for specific LEED points. Focuses include stormwater retention and recharge, reduced water use for plants, establishing habitats, landscape planning for reduced energy consumption, heat absorption reduction and other services.


Past involvement includes being a critical team member with other design professionals on planning projects for LEED registered projects, close collaboration and guidance with clients throughout the process. Current efforts include landscape design for a LEED platinum residence in the Central West End in Saint Louis, stormwater management for a residence in Hillsboro, Missouri, wildlife and drought tolerant plants for a residence in Imperial, Missouri and others


I receive training on a regular basis to maintain LEED Building, Design and Construction accreditation. I also receive regular education to maintain licensure as a landscape architect in Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan and Tennessee. I have completed a certificate program in project management at Washington University in Saint Louis.

The company strives to incorporate green principles in each design, whether required to or not. We strive to:
- hold as much stormwater on site as possible
use native, drought tolerant plants
- assist other design professionals in reduced energy use through effective building location, exterior landscape planning and other means
- reduce material and onsite water waste through reuse
- consistently cool sites through green roofs and other technique
- look for innovative ways to do all of the above and more

and we have upheld these principles for over 12 years