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Claddagh Painting Service - N.Y.C. Interior Painting Service

Claddagh Painting Service - N.Y.C. Interior Painting Service

8616 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209


Service area: 100 miles

Service Area: Brooklyn N.Y., Manhattan N.Y.C., Queens N.Y.C., Staten Island N.Y., Bronx N.Y.C., Long Island


Claddagh Painting Service uses Eco friendly painting with zero VOC's so you can breathe easy knowing that you've used the very best for your environmentally sensitive projects.


Paint serves important functional and aesthetic purposes, but has the potential to cause health and environmental problems. By choosing a non-toxic paint you'll improve the appearance of your home or workplace while protecting the wellness of individuals and the environment.


Q. Will I be sacrificing quality if I choose a non-toxic paint over a conventional paint?
A. This is probably our most frequently asked question. The short answer is 'No'. We choose paint according to three basic attributes: hide-ability, wearability, and scrub-ability. Hide-ability is the ability of the paint to cover the underlying surface. Wearability refers to the durability of the painted surface when exposed to normal wear-and-tear. And, scrub-ability is simply how well the paint withstands abrasion from regular cleaning. In all three criteria, the paint we use is exceptional � by our standards and those of our clients.

Nothing is more important than protecting ourselves and the ones we love from harm - and equally as important: protecting the environment. For the Environmentally Conscious, we specialize in non-toxic alternatives. This option is especially good for expectant mothers/nurseries, those with health issues such as asthma and allergies and also, the elderly. Why risk the health of those we love the most?

These "Eco Friendly" paints are what is referred to as Low/No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and formulated to emit the smallest possible amount of fumes and odors to create the best possible environment for you and your family - further, some are even being made up of plant materials. To give some background on what exactly a VOC is: VOC's are destructive gases that are emitted by paint as it dries. After the paint is applied to the wall and begins to dry, it releases gases from its liquid form, and continues to do so for years. In unventilated areas, those gases over time can be harmful to human lungs. Paints with low or no VOC's tend to dry quicker and prevent our clients from having to wait to enjoy their new space without having to wait for strong odors to fade away. There are so many other added benefits to using these types of products: Reduction of health risks, a safer environment, less pollution - waste reduction, clean up done with ease and best of all: Quality paint with guaranteed durability! It doesn't get any better than that!