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Energy Efficient Mortgage Training, Llc

105 Bainbridge Trail
Roswell, GA 30076


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Energy Efficient Mortgage Training professionals travel nationwide to host classes and networking events. From Maine to Texas and from Georgia to California, we want to spread the TRUTH about the Energy Efficient Mortgage and get the market jump-started nationwide.


EEM Training, LLC was founded to educate HERS raters, lenders, real estate professionals, contractors, home buyers, and home owners on the underutilized Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) products. We offer training courses for industry professionals on the specific guidelines, documentation, and execution of FHA, VA, and conventional EEMs. We provide a full range of support services to those who have successfully completed our training. We also refer home owners and home buyers to knowledgeable professionals.


Our professionals have personally been involved with dozens of EEMs and understand how to make them work first-hand. We have worked through a wide array of improvement scenarios, from air sealing and duct sealing to HVAC and insulation, with a clear understanding of how to make the package most cost effective for the client. Based on this experience, we have provided training to professionals across the nation to spread the TRUTH about how EEMs help home owners and home buyers and how to best implement them. We are interested in developing EEM Partner Teams consisting of trained HERS raters, contractors, real estate agents, and lenders that can work together supporting each other, assisting home buyers and owners, and furthering their respective business objectives.


Jason Payne is President of EEM Training, LLC. Jason is an Energy Mortgage Specialist, a certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater, a certified Building Analyst, an ENERGY STAR Partner, and an approved contractor for both the City of Atlanta’s SHINE Program and the Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program. He has been able to bridge the gap between home buyers, real estate professionals, lenders, contractors and HERS raters by developing successful procedures to streamline the entire EEM process while maximizing a home buyers’ return on investment through many rebate and tax incentive programs. Recognizing the growing need for industry professionals who are trained in the nuances of the various types of EEM products, Jason has developed comprehensive training courses for all parties involved to help jump‐start the EEM market nationwide. Jason is also owner of Structured Energies, LLC, an Atlanta‐based home energy auditing and contracting firm specializing in the facilitation of Energy Efficient Mortgages.