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RoofRoof Charlotte, Inc./Findlay Roofing

5015 W WT Harris Blvd.
Suite D
Charlotte, NC 28269


Service area: 100 miles

Service Area: We are located in Charlotte NC and work in all the surrounding areas. We also have a location in Raleigh NC. This enables us to work over 75% of the state.


We are a Master Elite Certified Green Roofer. We offer Coof Roofs and recycle all roofing materials where available. We have completed the Asphalt Shingles and the Green Home course and proudly received a certificate of Completion.


Our company has been in business for 16 years and is very interested in getting more involved in the green building industry. Roofing and attic ventilation is an integral part in the green home process. Attic ventilation is key to moisture control and air flow throughout the home.


Our team from roofing consultants to office staff are very familiar with shingles and green home certification. We have monthly sales meetings with representatives from various companies who all share their company's most recent information and certifications. We recently installed our first Cool Roof System which should save the homeowner an average of 7 - 15% on their energy costs. We are excited to offer this system and are exploring other systems daily to reduce our customers heating and cooling costs!

RoofRoof Charlotte, Inc/Findlay has a huge goal/vision in the green building industry. Unfortunately after much research we have found the the closest asphalt shingle recycler is approximately 80 miles away from Charlotte. This is quite far for our roofing technicians as well as other companies to travel to recycle shingles. The only company in Charlotte recycles Slate and Tile shingles. We are currently searching for a resourse closer to Charlotte to enable our techs to recycle shingles and will offer them an incentive to recycle.