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Service Area: We have dealers and distributors throughout the continental U.S. and Hawaii.


Greenway Design Group, Inc. is the innovator of commercial and residential pre-cool solutions for HVAC systems under the Cool-n-Save® and Cool Release™ brands. Since 2005, we have worked to create reliable and cost-effective devices to cool homes and commercial buildings, and save money. Thousands of property owners currently use Cool-n-Save® to control the spiraling cost of energy and reduce maintenance cost for their HVAC systems. Many have realized energy cost savings as high as 30%.

Cool-n-Save integrates several innovations to achieve dramatic energy savings. While there is a huge difference in terms of complexity and performance between our commercial and residential systems, both work under the same basic concept. When the compressor turns on, water passes through our Cool Release water treatment system and is converted into micro mist. The mist is injected into the air around the HVAC unit and evaporates almost instantly, removing ambient heat from the air before it reaches the condenser coils. The system works more efficiently and uses less energy. Buildings and homes cool faster and owners save money on reduced maintenance and significantly lower energy cost.

Third-party tests show that Cool-n-Save® Pre-Cool solutions reduce energy consumption of HVAC systems by as much as 30%. The amount of actual energy savings depends upon the climate, weather, and the condition and size of the heat exchange unit; older/smaller units will not produce the same results as do newer/larger ones. In field studies and from data submitted to us by our commercial customers, we know that the average savings is about 24%. Some installations have experienced very high savings (over 30%); none less than 22%. Anecdotal tests by residential customers confirm our claim that savings may be as high as 30% with average savings of about 24%, but some have also reported energy savings of about 15%.


Dal-Tile Corporation, National
The company maintains a network of manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and retail service centers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Since May 2009, when they installed Cool-n-Save commercial, they recorded 26% average monthly savings in overall energy cost. The company further reported that they recouped their Cool-n-Save investment within 6.5 months.

International Rubber Products in Dominguez Hills, CA
A 40,000 square foot light industrial building where the average electricity cost (July through October) was $22,608. After installation of Cool-n-Save, the average monthly electricity cost dropped to $18,659. The average savings was $3,949 per month; a 17% reduction in their overall electricity costs. The cost savings provided a payback period of less than 2 months.

Arco AM/PM gas station in Moreno Valley, CA
A 2,400 square foot convenience store serviced by two 10-ton HVAC condensers plus two smaller condensers that service a walk-in cooler. After installation, this location experienced monthly average savings of 7.2% in the overall electricity cost. The expected payback is less than one year.

City Club Store in Lincoln Monterrey N.L. Mexico
Prior to installation, one HVAC unit consumed 8,802 kWh. After Cool-n-Save was installed, consumption dropped to 6,523 kWh – more than 25%. There are more than 30 condensers at this location – we estimate a total annual savings of more than $500,000. At that rate, the client will realize a substantial profit from his investment in less than one year.

Plus Thousands of homeowners
Our patented 'paddle' system is sold online and through a network of green product distributors throughout the U.S. Installation of the residential system requires no tools and no electricity. Cool-n-Save pays for itself in a matter of a few months from substantial savings in the cost of running home central AC systems.


Ben Lefrancois, President and CEO, acquired Cool-n-Save® in early 2007. He also served as CEO and part owner of Innovative Custom Homes, a Texas LLC., where he developed strong teams to manage manufacturing, design, marketing and strategic planning. Mr. Lefrancois has over 15 years of management experience as both an owner and as general manager of several large restaurant chains in California.

Darius Jakubik, Senior Vice President, has been involved with the growth of Cool-n-Save since its inception and acts as both an authority on the system and as the lead marketing expert. Mr. Jakubik has a B.A. in Marketing from California State University, Fullerton.

Larry McKenna, Inventor and CTO, is responsible for the design and implementation of the Cool-n-Save® system, along with future product development. Before designing Cool-n-Save®, Mr. McKenna was involved with medical equipment field.

Kevin Reed, General Manager, has over 15 years of experience in Retail Marketing, Retail Operations and Strategic Planning with Arco and British Petroleum. He is chiefly responsible for Cool-n-Save’s business operations as well as strategic planning.

Ray Wyman Jr, Marketing Communications Director, has more than 30 years of experience managing corporate communications for private and public companies. He is chiefly responsible for maintaining Greenway’s marketing communications and currently serves as the company’s media liaison. He is a regional advocate for home solar and has published several articles on alternative energy in regional business magazines and journals.