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Healthy Clean Buildings

4 Wilmington Drive
Melville, NY 11747


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Since 1998 , Healthy Clean Buildings has been engaged in the 'GREEN Cleaning' Products business . By reputation and through word-of-mouth, we are continually solicited by residential and commercial clients in our marketplace for our assistance . Our proven products and services speak for themselves


Since 1998, HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS- has offered a wide variety of proven, residential GREEN Cleaning Products for Healthier Indoor Living Environments . These products are Bio-based , Natural Cleaning Alternatives consisting of sustainable and renewable ingredients made from fruits, vegetables, or plant life which enhance health and well-being . Our years of experience in the GREEN Cleaning field guarantees proven, effective results compared to conventional, petrochemical counterparts .


During our corporate history, we have served as the environmental cleaning consultant to "THE SOLAIRE" - the first "GREEN" LEED Certified Residential Tower in the country ; have been involved as an advisor to various "GREEN" building projects in the New York Metropolitan Area; and have assisted unions such as NYSUT ( New York State United Teachers ) ; the CSEA ; and New York City's Super Union 32 BJ, in educating their membership about health & safety issues regarding their indoor environments . Presently, we consult with dozens of high-rise luxury residence buildings in Manhattan regarding their " GREEN Cleaning " requirements .


As a pioneer and leading proponent on GREEN Cleaning Alternatives ; and
and the webmaster of a top-ranked INTERNET website on "GREEN" Cleaning ( ) , Stan Halpern serves as an environmental cleaning consultant to schools, governmental agencies , businesses , institutions , residential buildings, and homeowners throughout his career. He is an expert at GREEN Cleaning Program Start-ups and Conversions ; Education and Training ; and, FREE consultancy is ALWAYS available upon request !

“ GREEN CLEANING” is a personal commitment by our clients to to move towards the use of residential-grade Natural , Bio-based Cleaning Alternatives
whose ingredients are renewable and sustainable . These types of products
provide substantial health and safety advantages to indoor environments ; and enhance indoor air quality .