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Carol Venolia, Architect

P.O. Box 4417
Santa Rosa, CA 95402


Service area: 50 miles

Service Area: Sonoma

Carol Venolia, Architect specializes in the design of new and remodeled eco-homes and consults on the design of schools, healing centers, eco-villages, and other projects. The business also has an educational focus, including publications and classes on various aspects of ecological design and human ecology.
My ecological design experience began thirty years ago, when I chose my architecture school and focused my studies there on ecological considerations. In subsequent years, while the market had other interests, I researched and wrote about the impacts of buildings on humans and the biosphere. As public interest grew, I designed passive-solar homes of rammed earth, straw bales, and other green materials. Eventually, I was able to focus my practice solely on ecological building projects. In addition to practicing architecture, I have continued to write and teach about ecological design all over the country, most recently focusing on classes for homeowners on ecological remodeling.