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Minnesota GreenStar

2960 Centre Pointe Drive
Suite 100
Roseville, MN 55113


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: MN GreenStar was built to serve the entire state of Minnesota but focuses more on climatic regional definitions rather than physical state boundaries. Our program provides a green home building and remodeling prescription for cold-climate areas in the United States.


Minnesota GreenStar is a holistic green building standards and certification program specific to the climate, building code and conditions of the North Star State. Developed by Minnesotans for Minnesotans, our 3rd-Party verified program is a consolidated source for much-needed resources on how to build AND remodel green homes, and offer a range of green building education courses to the public to further spread the green building message.


Currently we are approaching 30 MN GreenStar Certified New Home and Remodel projects, with many more in queue. Over 100 projects have been registered and MN GreenStar has trained over 500 individuals (contractors, homeowners, vendors, architects, remodelers, builders, realtors) in the ways of green home building and remodeling, energy conservation and more.

MN GreenStar is also a nationally-recognized LEED for Homes Affiliate Program and a 'Featured Local Program' on


Dani Bork has a BS in Biology from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and an emphasis on Environmental Studies. Her personal interest focuses on water conservation and recycling principles and she sees the MN GreenStar cause as having great potential to influence change given the important role homes play in our culture. She has been Green Coordinator with MN GreenStar for 1.5 years.

Janneke Schaap is finishing a Bachelor of Design in Architecture degree with an emphasis on Sustainability Studies from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. She is a fierce advocate of sustainable lifestyles and identifies most with principles of good design using resource efficiency in building and reducing construction waste. MN GreenStar's Technical Specialist, she has been with the company for 2 years.

Minnesota GreenStar has an active Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles that inform the work we do and the new directions we take. From our website,

Join us on our quest to promote locally relevant, environmentally sustainable, high performance homes in Minnesota.

Our Vision is
to be the CATALYST to achieve the Green Building Tipping Point.

Our Mission is defined as "Driving positive impact to our environment by transforming residential building practices."

Our Guiding Principles reflect our Values and the directions we take. We believe in:

Achieving sustainable environmental outcomes with integrity;

Respect for both the built and natural environments;

Heathy, durable and economically viable homes;

A holistic - systems based - approach to building;

Accessibility to a broad audience; and

Influencing change to add value and transform the built environment.