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Green Living Systems by Security Solutions

Green Living Systems by Security Solutions

72 Argonaut 120
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


Service area: 120 miles

Service Area: We offer security systems nationally and our exclusive Green Living Systems in Southern California.

Our Green Living Systems deliver automatic energy savings by merging our security system’s awareness of your presence with the energy consumers in your home. Arm the system on your way out for the day and lighting will automatically turn off, your thermostat will set back to energy saving mode and items which use phantom power will be cut off. Disarm the system when you come home and the house will wake back up for your use and comfort. There are also settings activated with a single button for bedtime and an even deeper energy savings for when you’re away on vacation. These are just the basics. If it consumes energy we can control it. The most amazing part is how easy and automatic it is.

In our constant efforts to live more sustainably, we have developed an internal greening initiative lead by the head of our design and engineering team who is also a LEED AP. Of course we use our Green Living System to cut back on energy consumption to add to our support of recycling, telecommuting and purchasing from like-minded businesses. We’ve recently added daylighting via skylights to reduce use of artificial lighting and there is much on the to do list.

To support our community, we also head a monthly event called South County Green Drinks where we try to educate and share best green practices with everyone from those in a sustainable business to those interested in becoming greener. We’re also a founding member of Evergreen OC – organizers of an annual green holiday charity event to raise green awareness and funds for local and international groups with support ranging from children in need to environmental causes