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Green Building Authority

Green Building Authority

9501 N. FM 620, #16203
Austin, TX 78726


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Servicing the beautiful and green city of Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. We are happy to travel to your city or community.


• We are fully certified to provide a your choice of different Green Ratings on new home construction, including: LEED for Homes, Energy Star and Austin Energy Green Building.
• Our independent Consultations give you expert help where you need it most, from plan reviews, energy modeling, and alternative energy to taking advantage of rebates and incentives.
• Green Building Authority offers a full spectrum of Certified Energy Audits, including mandatory ECAD Audits for the city of Austin and Oncor Take A Load Off Texas Audits.
• Scientific Building Performance and Diagnostic Testing will provide you with detailed results on your homes energy features using a wide variety of equipment. The results will show if your home passes required code compliance, or passes green rating program requirements. Testing is also very useful for building forensics.
• Make use of our Training and Education programs and bring an entertaining, enlighting and fascinating approach home energy effeciency and sustainability to large groups. Perfect for schools, businesses, organizations and individuals looking to enter the field.
• Decades of experience in Public Speaking make our experts the perfect choice to speak on any number of topics.


At Blue Marble we understand that there are many different shades of “Green”. The only question is how Green do you want to be? As our communities better understand the value of building more efficient homes, new codes are written so what was green only last year is now simply a required standard. That is why we want to Go Beyond Green towards true sustainability.


LEED for Homes™ Green Rater
HERS Rater
RESNET® Green Rater
Austin Energy Green Building Program Rater
Comprehensive Home Energy Auditor
Texas Home Energy Auditor
Austin ECAD Auditor
Builders Challenge Verifier
Dept. of Energy 2009 IECC
NEAT Weatherization Assistant Software Trained
InterNACHI Green Building Inspector
NCI™ Certified Residential Air Balancing & Diagnostic Technician
Home Energy Tune-Up™ Auditor

We provide comprehensive consultations, independent third-party green ratings, certifications, required energy testing for 2009 IECC, verifications, scientific diagnostic testing, energy modeling, analysis, recommendations and solutions on both energy efficiency and sustainable improvements to new and existing homes.
Our building performance experts are certified, insured, experienced and committed to bringing you the absolute best in customer service. We specialize in identifying cost-effective and measurable energy savings and sustainable measures for residential and commercial properties.