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EmPower Solar

233-B Long Beach Rd
Island Park, NY 11558


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: EmPower regularly conducts work in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Queens, New York City, and Connecticut.


EmPower Solar designs and installs residential solar electric systems on Long Island and in New York. We provide free assessments to determine the solar potential of each building and then engineer the photovoltaic systems to meet the unique needs of each location.


EmPower has designed and installed over 180 systems on Long Island.


EmPower employs 5 NABCEP certified team members, and at least one is involved in the design and installation of each PV project. These members are David Schieren (CEO), Greg Sachs (CTO), David Hawkes (Engineer), Mike Dunne (Installer), Pat Shortell (Master Electrician), and Ori Shmul (Engineer). Several other EmPower team members are pursuing their NABCEP certifications. EmPower also has two LEED APs on staff - Seth Kagan (Engineer) and Jennifer Watts (Architect).

EmPower embraces a corporate philosophy known as the "EmPowering Way." The EmPowering Way is the fundamental belief that renewable energy will lead to a more prosperous, healthy and civil world. EmPower's mission is to 1) EmPower people to use clean energy to control their energy costs, reduce their environmental footprint and achieve energy independence; 2) Operate a successful business that is fit to accomplish our goals, and; 3) EmPower our employees to achieve their potential.

As a solar integrator, EmPower has been involved in residential green buildings from its inception as a company. EmPower works closely with homeowners of existing and new construction homes to help them integrate solar energy systems. The majority of our installations are on private residences.