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Cal Vet Solar Works


We help you escape high energy costs! Better! Faster! More Efficiently as you put America's Heroes to Work! We train recently separated US Military Veterans to work on commercial and residential projects for various licensed, bonded and insured contractors we joint venture with.


We have been joint venturing with various colleges offering green training so they would train our veterans. We then joint venture with green contractors to have these veterans employed to so various kinds of green industry jobs. We are no seeking projects for our veterans and contractors to work on.


The best way to learn about our team is to review our websites. which is the Swords to Plowshares URL which is the CVSW URL which is our installers URL

Because we are funded by the US Department of Labor we needed to find a way for our veterans to get work after the completed their training at the various colleges we have them trained at. We were told by many contractors they would hre our vets if we found them jobs. Thus we created Cal Vet Solar Works to seek out projects and contractors who are willing to hire America's Heroes.