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Goodwin Heart Pine Company

106 SW 109 Place
Micanopy, FL 32667


Service area: 200 miles


Goodwin Heart Pine has manufactured reclaimed wood flooring, stairparts and millworks for over 34 years. Goodwin is a manufacturer who tries to avoid unclear marketing claims. All materials are kiln dried, quality milled, have well-defined standard grades and are supported by our established technical expertise.

Goodwin is the first reclaimed wood flooring company to offer American-made, engineered wood flooring. We spent years perfecting an engineered flooring product entirely assembled at our plant in Florida, which looks like solid wood and doesn’t have the problems of some other engineered flooring. The backer is FSC, glues are NAF, the reclaimed or sustainably harvested wear layer can be sanded several times like solid wood and the lengths are long to look and last like a solid wood floor. This gives the option to have a premium wood floor in areas where solid wood may not be recommended.

Conserving the rare River Recovered wood has always been our top priority. Engineered wood flooring helps us further that goal, using less rare wood, while offering a product that looks and lasts like a solid reclaimed wood flooring.

Goodwin offers a full line of service and reclaimed wood flooring complements.


Whenever reclaimed wood is needed for beauty, history or durability, we are more willing and able than many to match for historic restoration or to meet a building design specification.

Carol Goodwin worked on the BOD of the Florida Green Building Coalition for four years and currently Chairs the Education Committee. She chaired the National Wood Flooring Association's Environmental Committee for four years. She recently was elected to the BOD of the USGBC's Heart of Florida Chapter.


Andrew St. James, PhD, Goodwin's COO has taken building science training and published several articles on engineered wood flooring, kiln drying and wood anatomy. Carol Goodwin has taken Florida Green Building Coalition Green Home Certification and NAHB Green Building for Building Professionals courses.

Our goal is to get in harmony with nature for a healthier future. The power to save the planet is truly in our hands – Our choices and decisions at home will set the standard. When we let the manufacturers know that we want healthy products, that’s what they’ll give us – we create market demand and they want to sell us their products.

Spread the word about how to be healthier – let friends, clients and business associates know what you’re doing to go green, and help them learn about doing the same things for the planet. Remember not only is Going Green good for the planet, it’s good for your bottom line!