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Florida Green Home Consultants & Raters

4208 Fox Ridge Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543


Service area: 150 miles


We provide LEED for Homes consulting services. We are often sought out by homeowners to consult with their home designers to incorporate LEED for Homes planning into the early phases of design. Likewise, we work with numerous architectural and engineering firms to identify LEED certification strategies, and implement the concepts into the final home design. We also work with the Florida Solar Energy Center performing LEED for Homes Green Rater services for projects that we didn't help design.


With the present state of the residential market, we currently have one project under construction (green rater services), two projects on hold (one for green rating services, one for the design team services), and one in planning (consulting services).


Our firm offers 25+ years experience in the construction industry, where we specialize in energy and water reduction strategies. I also serve as the Residential Green Building Advocate for the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the USGBC. I've successfully passed the USGBC Green Rater (pilot) exam, and we are a certified Field Agent performing LEED for Homes rating services for two LEED for Homes providers.

Absolutely! We can transform the home at a time! I became involved with green residential when the USGBC asked for a chapter representative to serve on the LEED for Homes pilot program. I was the chapter secretary at the time, and I was among a select few board members that had residential experience, and I was subsequently selected to represent the chapter. I am quite active in my advocacy efforts, and I often heard the same concerns being raised when speaking with builders and homeowners alike. I subsequently became an FSEC Field Agent to learn more about the nuts and bolts of the certification process, and that culminated with my application being selected to participate in the Green Rater pilot. My goal is to continue to educate the homebuilding community about the LEED for Homes process, and I plan to serve as a Green Rater mentor for FSEC, as the USGBC Green Rater program expands. I've recently noticed an increase in toxic cleaning supplies in certified homes that I've visited after an initial period of occupancy so we're presently contemplating how to best incorporate green cleaning education into our business.