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Bob Alf Construction, LLC

1657 Marshall Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104


Service area: 50 miles

Bob founded his remodeling business in 1990 with an emphasis on energy efficiency, durability and materials reuse. This naturally led to a building-science basis of sustainable home improvements. Bob's specialties include entire-house sustainability planning, complex repairs of older homes and construction coaching. Coaching brings green improvements within reach of moderate income homeowners.

Founder Bob Alf completed his first significant green project in 1997 in downtown Minneapolis. The project utilized deconstruction and vast reuse of materials for improvements made to a historically significant 9,000 square foot building. Since then Bob has joined the USGBC and completed dozens of remodels/additions utilizing a Building-Science approach to achieve broad sustainability. Bob also developed and managed a deconstruction program that received national recognition and created new methods for growing the sales of reclaimed materials. He has also been called on dozens of times to provide workshops and training to professionals and homeowners related to sustainable home improvements.