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Build With Vision

12900 N Schicks Ridge Rd
Boise, ID 83714


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Southern and Central Idaho


Energy efficiency testing and consulting for residential and commercial projects. Third party verification or full general contracting services. Heating and cooling load calcualtions, air flow testing and balancing, equipment analysis and long term efficiency planning.


We have been in the forefront of green building, retrofit, auditing, testing and verification in southern Idaho for over 10 years.


Energy Star, LEEDS, RESNET, National Balancing Institute, PTCS testing and verification on residential and commercial projects for over 5 years. Energy star building and retrofitting. Commercial, residential and School auditing. Manual JDST and air testing and balancing.

Our mission is to provide the consumer the highest level of efficiency health safety durabilty and comfort. We strive to assess the true cost of ownership and allow the consumer to properly assess the value of products and services beyond the cost of the low bid. As a general contractor we recognized the "gaps" in building which placed too high a priority on the low bid and did not adequately compensate contractors for applying their skills and experience in a manner that would benefit the consumer. We listen to consumers and support contractors to provide positive long term solutions.