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Green Monster World

11426 Rockville Pike
Suite 104-A
N. Bethesda, MD 20852


Service area: 60 miles

Service Area: We have had a job in almost every neighborhood- great references, everywhere.


Who We Are… We Make You Look Forward To Opening Your Electric Bill.
Green Monster uses the latest technology to reduce a family’s consumption of electricity, fuel, and our natural resources. This cutting edge technology developed by some of the smartest programs in the world, like NASA and the Department of Energy, range from solar products to whole home energy efficiency using components like radiant and thermal barriers and energy capacitors. Because not all homes are built the same, you’ll receive a full home energy audit, and we will custom design a whole house energy program that fits your home’s energy needs. And the best part about it….you’ll receive money back from the government and utility companies to do it. Move money from your mattress to the roof. Solar is the wisest investment you can make today. According to Business Week


Green Monster World will identify the areas where your home is using energy inefficiently.
The areas of high energy consumption will be identified to help prevent you from wasting energy and throwing away your money.
Green Monster World will show you how to take advantage of the amazing new technologies and improvements that will make it possible for your home to start using energy more efficiently, and saving you money now! Without any upfront costs in most cases!
Our informative Consultants will make you aware of valuable Government incentive programs, grants and rebate offers that will help you maximize your savings. We make it so easy for you to understand all the new technologies and “Green” ways to make your home better and more efficient.
We will do most of the work for you; such as filling out forms. You’ll save money while getting paid upfront – receiving rebate checks through the mail.
Green Monster World can help you reduce your environmental carbon-foot print today, to help ensure a better tomorrow for your children and grandchildren. You can affect the planet in a positive way, and save tons of money at the same time.
Going “Green” and reducing you monthly energy consumption expense is a highly effective method of saving money.


26 yrs experience in residential and lite commercial work- always as an energy reduction company- Licensed, Bonded and Insured- in MD-VA-DC PA

Reduces dust, pollens and allergies and makes the air in your home more comfortable.
Keeps the upstairs living areas cooler in the summer.
In a “tight economy” the Green Monster system allows you to recapture money that would otherwise be wasted every month, and put it back into your household budget.
Hot water will no longer be a problem with several family members showering around same time. No more cold showers!
You can start saving money now, and stop throwing it away.
Sleep comfortable at night with consistent room temperatures throughout the house.
The time for Solar is now. w the Industry Leader.. and the best technology-50% more power.