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Earth In Mind Design

729 1/2 Hiller Road
McKinleyville, CA 95519


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Mendocino County, CA, Napa County, CA Southern Oregon, Humboldt County , CA


Thirty years doing commercial and residential Design using sustainable and green products and materials. Specialty Design for Special Events using only green materials. Custom Color Palettes with Green paints only. Consultations provided for people wanting to know what Green Materials are available to them. Staging done with resourced and repurposed materials.


I have been in the Design business in some capacity for over 30 years. I have focused on Green Design and "Staging" for the last 12 years. The homes I have done have all been done with sustainable materials, as well as repurposed furniture and products. The furniture purchased new is FSC approved and contains low or no VOC. Before I started Earth in Mind Design I researched the companies that I would use in my business. I wanted to use only vendors that were "green", as well as produced the best product possible.


I use Carlisle Wide Plank flooring for all my wood floor, or Duro Design strand bamboo or cork. The only carpet product that I recommend is Flor, the company that takes back and reuses the discarded flooring previously purchased from them, as well as using non-toxic glues and materials in the fabrication of their product. I, myself, have been self taught over my 30 years of doing Design. I am confident and very proud of the work that I do. I have had magazine and newspaper articles written about me and my business and I will continue to make peoples homes and workplaces as "green" as I can, one job at a time. Accessories are purchased from companies like West Elm, or private craftsman that use "green" materials.

I have always been incredibly environmentally conscious, so there was no other way for me to go than green, when I was first asked to do a remodel on the Women's Health Center that I worked for in the 1970's. At that time, green products were not on the shelf's of your local hardware store, but I managed to repurpose much of what was already there and tried as much as I could to make it as "clean" as I could. Green was also a word not used that far back. I have a very small carbon footprint and will continue to live my life that way.