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Thumbprint Endeavors Environmental Consulting LLC

Thumbprint Endeavors Environmental Consulting LLC

USGBC member

2000 Little Raven St.
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Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Thumbprint Endeavors LLC has two primary locations: Barret's location in Denver CO and Linda's location in Dayton OH.


Services Available Through Thumbprint Endeavors LLC
Your Full Service Green Building Consultants

Our team can provide Green Building Services for your home, school, campus, and other businesses/organizations. From design ideas for renovations or new construction to weatherization upgrades, energy saving products and services – and Everything Green in between.

· Step one is the Initial Free Consultation to determine your Green Building needs and objectives. We will discuss your goals and outline a plan for your green building project.

· We will walk through the existing facility with you to conduct a thorough inspection outlining the present condition of the building and make recommendations for Greening your space. The Thumbprint Endeavors Green Plan will outline recommendations for facility improvements as well as guidelines for more sustainable behaviors and streamlining processes.

· As one example our green building home improvement team will work with you to design and complete your home’s green renovations and remodeling

· Our team can arrange for services such as certified energy audits, then we will translate the report into a workable plan for your home.

· We will make the recommended energy efficiency upgrades, renovations, repairs and other green building improvements to improve your facility's efficiency and performance.

· Redesign, renovation, remodeling, repairing, rethinking -- from the roof to energy efficient lighting and windows to the flooring to landscaping projects – the Thumbprint Endeavors Team can do it all.

· We facilitate Greening your space with completion of the Thumbprint Endeavors Sustainable Renovation Plan for your home.

· Our green building knowledge and construction experience will insure your satisfaction with your Smart Green Building Plan.

· Call now to schedule your design consultation, the first step to saving resources and money by improving your life, your home and the environment.

· We offer Green Building solutions that combine high return on investment with impressive style, high quality results, and attention to every detail.

· Links: - Save 30% local, state and federal tax credits and rebates -- Let Thumbprint Endeavors show you how you can increase your energy savings and reduce water use. Save resources, save money. - Energy Star products

Barret Ramey, LEED AP
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Linda Ramey, Ph. D.
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Since our start in 1993, we have worked with homeowners, schools, university campuses, and other businesses and organizations such as parks and museums on various projects to Green their operations and facilities.
Thumbprint Endeavors offers Green Building consulting services related to Sustainable Building and more efficient use of resources targeting conservation of water, energy and solid waste reduction, recycling, and increased reuse of viable materials. We believe the real key is the 4th R - Rethinking. At Thumbprint Endeavors, we help organizations and people to rethink everyday behaviors and decisions and to adopt Greener, more energy efficient building


Barret P. Ramey, LEED AP
Barret graduated with a B.F.A. degree from Wright State University with an emphasis in design and sculpture. He has nearly 15 years of work experience in the fields of landscaping, carpentry, food service, graphic design, and sales. He has several years experience in construction management with residential new construction and remodeling. Barret also was recently employed as a research and development composite technician where he did consulting with start-up companies in the manufacturing of advanced materials.

Since moving to the Denver area, Barret successfully completed the Colorado State University's Green Building program. In December 2008, he became a LEED accredited professional. He brings his years of Construction Management experiences in both traditional and new building techniques to improve building energy efficiency and durability. Barret is an Emerging Green Builder member with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Linda K. Ramey, Ph.D.
As a consultant and educator, I am presently involved with Green Building and Sustainability Initiatives and founding the Miami Valley No Child Left Inside Coalition.

Much of my role with Thumbprint Endeavors is with the educational and behavioral change aspects. I focus on matching clients’ day-to-day actions with their new resource-conserving Green facility.

I have worked in Environmental Science Education for over 30 years and loved the natural world for over 50. I have a two Masters degrees – one in science education (College of Mt. St. Joseph) and one in environmental ecology (Wright State University).

Leaving Ohio in 1987, I headed for the beautiful plains of Kansas, working on Konza Prairie and a major NSF Science and Mathematics project.

I also worked at Chicago Botanic Garden on a Community Outreach Gardening Project to enhance science education with in the Chicago City Schools.

After Kansas and Chicago, I spent a year at the University of South Carolina as a visiting professor teaching science and mathematics methods courses and working with Sandhill Environmental Research Center.

In 1995, I joined the faculty in the Biological Sciences Department at WSU, in what is a dual appointment, which meant I developed and taught courses in both the biology and teacher education department. While at WSU, I have filled several roles such as Director of the Office of Professional Field Experiences, Coordinator of the Middle Childhood Teacher Preparation Program and Environmental Science Educator.

In addition, I have had involvement with several grant funded projects as well as numerous publications and presentations in the areas of enhanced learning and effective teaching methodologies in environmental science, informal education (science centers/museums), gender issues in science learning and science teaching self-efficacy.

Providing Smart, Sustainable Building Solutions for Greening Your Environment and Your Life

At Thumbprint Endeavors LLC, we are committed to partnering with our clients to promote healthy and sustainable design practices in the workplace, our homes and in our everyday living.

Our approach is comprehensive. The Thumbprint Endeavors team provides a cohesive, coordinated step-by-step plan for Greening your Project. We take a broad perspective of sustainable design which enables us to effectively enter a project at any phase in the building cycle: Preplanning; Planning/ Design/ Development; Construction; Existing Building Renovation; or work with clients/staff to Green their existing operations, thereby providing efficient, triple bottom line savings.

We view the entire picture - bringing together all the data, information, and players to provide a seamless synergy of the parts to create a plan which is both Green and responsive to the people who work, learn, play and live in that facility.

Facilitate: As an example, we employ a highly collaborative approach when designing a Thumbprint Endeavors Green Plan for a facility by involving teachers, caregivers, staff or homeowners. Our process allows them to voice needs and concerns. Thumbprint Endeavors associates gather focus group data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing circumstances, constraints and opportunities for Green solutions. We then translate that information into usable data to inform designers, builders or facility occupants. Everyone benefits using this coordinated, big picture approach -- including the environment.

The final phase of your Thumbprint Endeavors Green Plan outlines specific actions to conserve energy and resources as well as allowing stakeholders to buy-in to the operational and behavioral changes that need to be implemented.
Evaluate: We offer on-site reviews of your existing practices, then we tailor your Thumbprint Endeavors Green Plan to your facility and your needs using an integrated approach.

At Thumbprint Endeavors, we are committed to educating, facilitating and partnering with our Clients. Our overall goal is to promote healthy and sustainable Green practices in homes, schools, the workplace and in our everyday living.

When Thumbprint Endeavors LLC partners with you to Green your space, we listen and formulate a plan that conserves resources and saves money. Our objective is to educate our clients as we co-develop and implement their Thumbprint Endeavors Green Plan.

U.S. Green Building Council Member
U.S. Green Building Council Member

The U.S. Green Building Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation. More...