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Green Brothers Sustainable Solutions, LLC

5350 Burnet Rd.
Austin, TX 78756


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Green Brothers Sustainable Solutions LLC is a full service landscape design, installation, maintenance, and consulting firm specializing in native plants, organics, edibles, rainwater irrigation and harvesting, permaculture, and environmentally responsible grounds care in the Austin & Central TX.


Green Brothers focuses on green alternatives to normal landscape maintenance and installation. We provide native landscape design services, low-emission maintenance, rainwater harvesting solutions, and xeriscaping.


We recently completed a natural playscape design and installation in the central Austin area. A natural playscape restructures current thinking that play structures for children must be constructed in a way that removes nature from the picture. We created an area that fosters play while accentuating the natural world. Rain barrels can provide an extremely practical and natural option to the current trend of city water consumption. We have installed a number of rainwater catchment systems throughout the Austin area and hope to provide many more. One of the specialties of our company is xeriscaping. As central Texas is prone to droughts, we focus on the use of native species of plants that are both beautiful and naturally resistant to drought conditions. Many of our customers have noted the decrease in their water bills due to less water, if any, needed by many of these native plant species.


We are Green Garden certified by the City of Austin.

Our goal is to provide a complete landscape design, installation, and maintenance company that focuses on green alternatives to the current mainstream landscape