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Ulrich Home Improvement Llc

37 Nicholas Dr
Bristol, CT 06010


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Our network of Contractors are based in Connecticut, however our partnership with Sunlight Solar and Total Green Geo is Northeast Based and will provide a large service area.


Our company performs Home Energy Assessments and provides our customers resources and education to make informed decisions about which clean renewable energy to use and how to make their homes or offices more energy efficient.
We have partnered with Sunlight Solar and Total Green Geo Thermal, and we also have a network of licensed contractors that provide expertise in Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, New Home Construction, Windows, Siding, Foam Insulation Experts, Excavators, Roofers all with the same mindset of saving energy and going green.
Our services provide local communities a hub to design their home or office with a green team of experts guiding them along the way. This not only saves money today but will provide a sustainable future for the long term. We are excited to share our knowledge and encourage everyone to take part.


Ulrich Home Improvement is new to the business world but the owners have always been involved in local charities, events and Green Projects. We have taken our experiences to the market place to share with everyone the features and benefits of Going Green. Our Passion is Solar Power and Geo-Thermal heating and cooling.


Currently we are making arrangements to obtain a BPI certification for Home Energy Analysis 1 that will allow us to perform home energy audits in the State of Connecticut, we are also in process of obtaining a GBCI Green Associate Certification. Our commitment to green energy and a partnership with Sunlight Solar and TotalGreen Geo has inspired us to obtain a Solar PV Installer Certification within the next 1-3 years that will allow us to provide solar energy and/or assist in installations within our partership with Sunlight Solar as our supplier.

Our companies goal and focus is to educate every home owner the benefits of using clean renewable energy or have a better awareness of how they are currently using energy. We became involved in Green Building when we started to see more and more incentives for homeowners to invest in technology that i proven to work and has become very affordable considering todays energy crises. The sun passes us by everyday and we do not use it, yet we are willing to sacrifice so much for something that is dirty to use and will eventually push us to the brink of destruction. The Alternative Energy Solution is well worth the investment today and will boost the United States Economy back on track.