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Natural Heatworks

PO Box 58
Bristol, VT 05443


Service area: 200 miles


Natural HeatWorks represents a collaboration devoted to the practical and thoughtful transition to renewable fuels, energy efficient buildings and a more sustainable community through energy conservation. Established in 2009 as a trade name, NHW provides a common business locus for Susan Randall Davis Architect and Larry Pike Plumbing & Heating. They consider and evaluate the overall building envelope, energy audit reports, existing equipment and owner preferences to create heating system improvements that deliver a family-specific "best balance" solution to concerns for investment, performance, comfort & fuels.

Hybrid renewable fuel integrated systems design- combine traditional boilers with new fuels: wood pellet, cordwood, bio-diesel, and solar to offer homeowners the "fuel flexibility" to respond to changing supply and market pricing of all fuels, fossil or renewable. One system uses a single boiler that may be switched between biomass pellets or oil/biodiesel - 1 boiler, 2 fuels. Another approach adds a renewable fuel boiler alongside an existing oil/gas unit with piping and controls for automatic firing. Renewable fuel conversions are available for indoor hydronic (hot water), steam and hot air systems. We offer analysis and redesign of under- performing systems.

Design counseling - Additions, renovations and deep energy retrofits are best accomplished through a team approach. We are energy auditor friendly and welcome the opportunity to coordinate technical analysis with practical solutions. Areas of special expertise involve antique houses, aging-in-place design, nursing facilities, timberframes, volunteer built housing, and workflow planning for families planning to revitalize their homes over time.


Susan Randall Davis offers 30 years experience in energy efficient design using proper siting, solar orientation, insulation, natural materials and reclaimed items wherever possible. Her vintage double-shell passive home received a 1980 Solar Homes Award from the Vermont Department of Energy; it was one of the first SIPs panel homes. Habitat for Humanity homes built under her supervision have earned 4-star ratings. Interest in materials reuse often finds her at recycling centers and salvage yards stockpiling materials for future projects.

Larry Pike has advocated fuel efficient systems design including outdoor temperature sensing, boiler temperature modulation and domestic hot water recirculation for many years. These heating system features cost more but provide wise investors with fuel savings payback and comfort. System components, including older steam boilers, are rehabbed wherever possible and all material is recycled.


Susan Randall Davis is a licensed architect:VT #2177. She is EPA RRP Lead certified and Vermont EMP certified.

Larry Pike is a master plumber: VT #PM-3063 & NH #M-3507. He also holds a NORA Silver Certificate and gas fitters licenses. He is a Pellergy certified installer. He is EPA RRP Lead certified and Vermont EMP certified.

Cold Vermont winters stimulate design innovations that provide the best balances between warm living/working spaces, energy costs, natural resource use, available finances and personal philosophy. Natural HeatWorks is dedicated to helping families transition to renewable fuels and a more sustainable community through energy conservation and healthier indoor environments.