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Capital Review Group

2432 West Peoria Ave
Suite 1011
Phoenix, AZ 85029


Service area: 200 miles

At CRG, our only business is discovering, studying and applying the rules of play that can be applied with advantage to reduce costs and add profits. We are a national company with a presence in most states, where we work with professionals and their clients or directly with business owners/taxpayers.
CRG does not replace your current tax advisors -- we work with them, adding depth to their value to you. Our experts have a long record of successful dialog with the Treasury Department and IRS that stems from our expertise in the area of energy efficiency, and from our extensive support to tax advisors and CPA's in the cost segregation arena. We complement the expertise of your financial advisors with the necessary engineering, architectural, and legal professionals to take advantage of the intent of applicable legislation. We provide realistic approaches to tax reduction, tax credits and tax incentives.
Our services include:
Energy (EPACT 2005) Certification and Review
Cost Segregation
Tax Incentives
LEED Reviews for Proposed and Existing Buildings
Education: On All of Our Areas of Expertise