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Architect Sylvie Pombart

P.O.Box 3114
San Diego, CA 92104


Service area: 50 miles

I started my company in 2003 after working on a wide variety of commercial, educational, residential, multi-housing and institutional projects.
I do not specialize in any project type but strive to best satisfy my clients with high quality design with respect of the budget and timeline.
I have always been interested in sustainability and already dedicated my thesis work on a sustainable high-rise design. Later on, I learned more about the technologies and products available as well as the incentive opportunities.

I traveled across Europe and Germany where most green architecture started, as well as sustainable communities. Since, design sustainability has always been on my mind and incorporated in some ways in all my projects. In 2005, I designed a 3 story home with the sustainability in mind incorporating design ideas like natural ventilation and lighting, orientation, natural and formaldehyde-free materials, as well as technology with high efficiency equipments and finally some reclaimed fixtures to provide my client with the most suitable home for a very reasonable budget.