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Polar Ray, LLC

5171 Eldorado Springs Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We are a national service.


We understand, support and sell complete LED lighting solutions. Our online presence, at, showcases our learning center, blog and a catalog of current LED lighting options which include user reviews, product reports, specifications, etc. We are available to answer your energy savings questions via phone Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm, MST.


On a daily basis we work with homeowners, architects, and builders to create well-lit and visually interesting spaces while utilizing the most advanced, energy-efficient lighting technologies on the market. The LED industry maintains a constant evolutionary pace; therefore, we must remain current on all happenings in order to address design, compliance and reliability questions.


The founding Polar Ray team pioneered the use of LED lighting in the commercial signage industry over thirty years ago. As LED technologies evolved, the company altered its course in the hopes to fill an apparent void - the goal became to support the residential and light-commercial LED markets. Our team offers a breadth of knowledge which includes this historic expertise alongside of market experts and even architectural design portfolios (to include entire off-grid developments)! We are happy to help.

Lighting often becomes overlooked in the process of a complete green build. However, to convert one downlight from 65W to roughly 10W without losing the light which we expect and enjoy - now that's an accomplishment in efficiency! We appreciate the color rendering, the energy savings and the life-span of LED lights and we are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of this technology. Our goal is to provide education, product support and quality product selection in the midst of an ever-evolving and sometimes unclear market. And ultimately, as every household converts such a simple, yet critical, component in the formula for green-living - we will become a more conscientious world.