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Green Building Supply - your eco-friendly home center

Green Building Supply - your eco-friendly home center

508 N 2nd St
Fairfield, IA 52556


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We service the entire USA via our website at


Energy & Water: solar hot water systems, tankless hot water, greywater, water-saving toilets, cotton insulation, recycled roofing, energy star appliances.

Flooring: sustainably harvested and reclaimed hardwood, bamboo, cork, marmoleum (natural linoleum), wool and recycled carpet, recycled glass tile.

Cabinets: custom and non-custom cabinetry, FSC certified wood, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) finishes, no formaldehyde.

Countertops: bamboo, recycled paper, recycled glass, quartz, porcelain, marmoleum

Paints & Finishes - Zero or low VOC (volatile organic compounds): water-base, clay-base, or plant oil-based paint, natural clay plaster, stains, sealers, caulks, sealants, and adhesives.

Cleaners: all purpose cleaner, mold and mildew, floor, glass, thinners, mastic removers.

Chemically Sensitive Safe: most of our products are safe for people who are chemically sensitive - however we always recommend testing as everyones body is different.


We have been researching and testing products since 1991. We have provided products to thousands of homes and many commercial buildings.


Velux Solar Water Heating - certified installer.
Alliant EnergyEfficiency - partner
Center on Sustainable Communities - partner
Iowa Renewable Energy Association - partner
Illinois Renewable Energy Association - partner
Co-op America - approved
Better Business Bureau of Iowa - member
Home Builders Association of Iowa - member

As a family owned company, we started in search of natural and non-toxic building materials to use in our own home. Our home is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wrights prairie style, as well as the ancient principles of Vedic Architecture.

In a small Iowa town, it was almost impossible to find products locally that satisfied our craving for natural beauty. Also in 1991 there was no internet, very few magazines, and scant interest in green building products.

Frustrated, we traveled around the US to locate beautiful natural products. Getting reliable information about the content of various products was the most difficult task; few manufacturers knew what would trigger chemical sensitivity in their products, or the impact their products would have on the health of the home owner and the environment.

Eventually we put all the pieces together, and when natural healthy homes come into demand, we were inspired to make these products available to others. Our first customers were our friends, many of them out of state, and some of them chemically sensitive. So far, we've helped thousands of people create new healthy homes, and we are educating more and more every day.