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Robert Bowles - Rose City Mortgage

Robert Bowles - Rose City Mortgage

24 NW First Ave
Suite 376
Portland, OR 97209


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Oregon and Washington


FHA 203k loans, as well as HomePath renovation loans.


Since 1999 Rose City Mortgage has been in the forefront of Green Business practices as well as trying to bring more environmentally-friendly practices into our lives every day and Green Building is only one facet of that.

We actively work with our clients to help make the process of making their home green as easy as possible. Providing EEM’s or EIM’s to fund the purchase or renovation of their homes. We also have a huge network of some of the best builders and designers in the Northwest to help our clients accomplish their green dreams.

Green Building is not a part of our business plan, but a part of our lives.


I am S.T.A.R. The Earth Advantage Broker Certified and have done numerous 203k, 203k steamlined and HomePath Renovation loans over the 10 years that I have been a mortgage broker. Most iimportantly I have a FHA 203k EEM for my home so I know the program as a broker and a consumer.

At Rose City we recognize that business plays a powerful role in our society. Businesses can either enhance community or destroy it. We strive to have a positive impact on our world and to share our prosperity with those around us.

Rose City Mortgage is an Upstream company. We support other businesses whose products and services work with our vision for a sustainable future.

•We believe companies should add to the local economy, not just the share holders pockets.
•We believe our company can do its part to have a minimal impact on the environment
•We treat people and all other living things with respect
•We value relationships over profit
•We conserve our natural resources