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Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Urban design; architectural; landscape architecture; interior design; sustainable design

As a fully integrated and multi-disciplinary design firm offering urban design, architecture, landscape, and interior design services, BartonPartners has been at the forefront of implementing what are now considered sustainable “Green Design” principles for many years. These include:Promotion of Pedestrian Friendly Site Planning; Emphasis on Connections to Public Transit and Surrounding Communities; Building Sitting Methodology Sympathetic to Topography and Solar Orientation; A Focus on Mixed-Use Development, whether as stand-alone Buildings or Entire Town Centers; Integrating of Parks and Open Spaces into our Plans to Provide Both Amenity and Preservation; Stormwater Management Through a Variety of Best Management Practices; Utilization of Native/Adaptive Plantings to Reduce Irrigation Needs; Use of Recycled and locally manufactured Building Materials Where Possible; Design of Energy Efficient Building Envelopes and Systems.

Our Sustainable Design philosophy has been to plan projects utilizing these practical features, which often have little or no cost impact, but provide higher yield and long-term benefits. As warranted we also include more technical features, such as geothermal and solar/photo-voltaic systems.

“Green Design” has evolved from a perceived fad in the 1990’s and early 2000’s to an integrated way of designing sites and buildings. This is evident in the growing number of public and private mandates for sustainable design and/or some level of Green Certification. Often, there are incentives, such as density bonuses and expedited entitlements associated with the pursuit of “Green” certification. In addition, building codes have continued to incorporate these measures, such as lighting controls and thermal performance and are increasingly mandating practices that were previously voluntary. Developers and owners now understand that by utilizing a sustainable approach to a project, they can realize greater returns on investment, as well as provide greater health and public relations benefits. They also realize that in building green, they can leverage lower operational costs and maintenance with increased marketability to their buyers or tenants.

BartonPartners’ commitment to Sustainable Design is reflected within our staff, which includes LEED® Accredited Professionals, NAHB Green Building Professionals, as well as EarthCraft Homes Certification and a knowledge and use of EnergyStar® programs. These professionals are trained to lead and coordinate all Project Team members in creating integrated “Green” solutions.