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350 Ward Ave. 106-337
Honolulu, HI 96814


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: we accept projects world wide as the custom natural wood veneer design elements we create are easily made to specification, shipped and assembled on site.

Juli Morsella has over ten years experience as a marquietier, creating art work and design elements in natural wood veneers. She studied for 2 years in Umbria as the sole apprentice of one of Italy's foremost marquietiers, shows in numerous galleries, and , after 7 years in Europe, has recently returned to the States (Hawaii) to pursue her interest in working with interior designers and architects to create green marquetry elements in interior design.

We use green glues, finishes, wood backing as well as a high amount of reclaimed wood veneers, and local woods and veneers in the production of these custom made pieces that can be used to beautify virtually any two dimensional space .

Examples of surfaces would be doors, cabinet doors, wainscots, columns, crown moldings, tables, and more- virtually any 2-D or slightly curved surface. The web site has numerous examples both of styles and potential uses for the marquetry panels.

LEED ratings that are relevant to these marquetry products are MR 4.1/4.2 (recycled content), MR 5.1 (regional materials), EQ 4.4(low-emitting materials-composite woods and agro-fibers)), EQ 4.2(low emitting materials-paints and sealants),and MR7 (certified woods).

All of the designs are original and custom made for individual clients. They can reflect the interior design, colours, a view seen from the window, a logo or textile design, be pictorial or abstract- there are truly many possibilities. Juli Morsella works with each individual client to create a personalized design project that reflects exactly what that client wants. Each project is therefore a one-off, completely unique and designed for that individual client alone.
The marquetry is completely handmade; the designs and-drawn.