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Greenworks Cabinetry

7401 Wiles Road Suite 318
Coral Springs, FL 33067


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Accepting projects all over the East Coast

Greenworks Cabinetry is headquartered in South Florida and proud to be one of the few dedicated green cabinet manufacturers in the United States. We offer a full range of beautiful and highly durable cabinets that will not only conserve forest resources, but also improve your indoor air quality and reduce exposure to harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. At our state-of-the-art facilities, we manufacture a variety of cabinetry options, such as European frameless and inset cabinetry, as well as a host of door styles, including Shaker, traditional and our own unique designs.

Greenworks is more than just a green cabinet manufacturer however. We also produce green closet systems and vanities, as well as custom millwork for a wide variety of projects, both large and small.

Additionally, we recently became a certified fabricator for Richlite, the leading manufacturer of recycled paper composite countertops for commercial and residential applications. These sustainable countertops are the perfect complement to our green cabinets and vanities.
All of our products help earn credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED™ rating system

Greenworks has a lot to offer the architect and designer (A&D) community. In addition to providing a stunning array of green alternatives for the kitchen and bath, our products help earn a number of credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED™ rating system. Specifically, our products earn credits in the following Materials and Resources (MR) and Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) categories:

LEED Credits for Cabinetry and Millwork:
MR 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials. (Plyboo bamboo)
MR 7: Certified Wood. (Plyboo Bamboo, and North American Hardwoods)
EQ 4.1: Low Emitting Materials—Adhesives and Sealants
EQ 4.2: Low Emitting Materials—Paints and Coatings
EQ 4.4: Low Emitting Materials—Composite Wood (Plyboo NAF, PureBond NAF)
LEED Credits for Richlite Countertops:
MR 4.1, 4.2: Recycled Content (50% and 100% post consumer)
MR 7: Certified Wood.
EQ 4.4: Composite Wood