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ABC Pest, Lawn, & Termimesh

ABC Pest, Lawn, & Termimesh

997 Grandy's Ln
Lewisville, TX 75077


Service area: 150 miles

We are installers of the Termimesh Pre-Construction System. This chemical free, sustainable termite barrier uses no water to install, and is designed to keep termites out for the life of the home. The $75000 damage claim warranty covers the home and contents and is renewable and transferable for as long as the home is standing. This system will earn points in many green building standards nationally and internationally. Building science vs. chemistry

A typical soil termiticide pre-treatment uses more than 1 gallon of finished termiticide for every 10 square feet including the perimeter. A 3000 square foot home will require more than 300 gallons of liquid termiticide. Recent studies indicate that- annually- approximately 400,000,000 gallons of liquid soil applied termiticides were used in the U.S. for new construction

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