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A-Kool Distribtution

A-Kool Distribtution

606 Lane Ave North
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Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Accepting contractors and installers in the Southeast to fabricate and install KoolDuct for Commercial and Residential buildings. KoolDuct reduces energy cost and provides cleaner air.

KoolDuct is a pre-insulated, high performance air duct system for industrial and high-end commercial applications. KoolDuct’s superior insulation properties will generate long term savings for virtually any project, specifically due to the phenolic system’s reduced leakage rate and its higher constant R-Value (panels come pre-insulated in both R6 and R8 widths). KoolDuct does not promote or support the growth of mold, fungi or bacteria. The system uses a CFC-free phenolic foam board (pink) faced on both sides with reinforced foil. Patented, specially engineered, aluminum flanges and other specialized accessories are designed to connect and seal the duct sections to assure a strong, tight closure. KoolDuct fittings and straight duct can be installed in significantly less time than sheet metal ductwork and omits the fiberglass insulation and installation.

A-Kool Distribution Company is committed to distributing building materials and product systems that augment sustainable building practices. A-Kool became an authorized distributor of KoolDuct upon its formation in 2007. A-Kool’s products promote financial savings via competitive pricing, ease of installation, efficiency gains and sustainable healthy work environments via the use of advanced, alternative construction materials. We are confident that KoolDuct will better position projects for achieving LEED Accreditation and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) measures that are acceptable throughout the life of any project.

A-Kool actively markets the KoolDuct System in the United States, the Caribbean and Bermuda. That effort includes an educational campaign to enable architects, design-build firms, and large construction companies to become fully familiar with the product.