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Back to Natives Restoration

Back to Natives Restoration

5 Wellesley
Irvine, CA 92612


Service area: 40 miles

Service Area: Accepting projects in Orange County and Los Angeles County, Will consider San Diego and Riverside.

Back to Natives assists in the recovery of Orange County’s biodiversity through the restoration of open spaces, and the development of habitat gardens. Our environmental education programs educate students and community members about the importance of native plants and biodiversity
"To encourage and actively participate in the restoration and conservation of Orange County and California wildlands, through education and restoration programs featuring native plants and biodiversity as a centralizing theme."

To that end, Back to Natives serves the growing number of land managers in need of restoration services by facilitating dialogue with the community, promoting awareness of and public support for restoration and restorative management; and, of course, bringing about the recovery of damaged ecosystems through ecological restoration!
Back to Natives Restoration designs native landscapes for homeowners and businesses
We design local native landscape plans for homeowners and businesses in order to partially support our educational programs.

Local native plants are beautiful and attract butterflies and birds to your garden. We sell native plants and hold workshops to help you install your garden. We also consult with landscape architect design firms to develop locally native plant palettes for large scale projects. Call 949-509-4787 to schedule a consultation.

We encourage and use only California Native plant species, using species as locally native as possible. We do not advocate or use hybrid stock or 'California Friendly" species as all non-native species have the possibility of becoming invasive under the correct circumstances. More on this here: Why non-natives are BAD!

'Xero-Scaping' or xeriscaping is not just cactus and sand. If you live in the desert then maybe a good portion of your landscape should include the locally native cacti. However a commitment to xeriscaping is more than that, it is the reduction of water use and loss along with reduction of chemical fertilizer and herbicide uses. With over 1200 species and counting of native plant species in Orange County and over 5000 in California, choices are almost endless for that 'specific look' you are in search of!