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Service Area: Local, National and International scope.

CONSULTANTS : REDUCING ENERGY AND WATER BILLS WITH GREEN TECHNOLOGIES AND TAX INCENTIVES. We give you a FREE Energy and Water Savings Analysis of your Property. We give you different options for reducing your Energy and Water bills. Cost Reduction Solutions for Property Owners, Business Owners, and Property Managers. We Reduce Your Property's Operations and Maintenance Expenses

Most people over-pay three of their largest variable expenses: Their Energy, Water and Tax bills. These expenses can be managed and reduced. The truth is that business-owners needlessly overpay almost all of their expenses. Every single property expense can be reduced … If you know Who and How.

We are Consultants. We provide you access to the best people and technology in the world to reduce expenses for Commercial, Industrial and Governmental properties.

Our Business Model is unique because we do not sell products or promote providers. Our Mission is to give you unbiased information and choices about cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions for reducing your Energy, Water and Tax bills, and every other bill that we can help trim for your property. To accomplish this for you … We give you access to the world’s best and the brightest.

Taxes are a critical component of Energy and Water Efficiency projects because generous State and Federal Tax Incentives have a positive impact in significantly improving the ROI of Energy and Water investments and retrofits. Our expertise and turnkey service includes calculating and obtaining Tax Incentives for your property.

We start our diagnosis of your property with a Free Energy and Water Savings Analysis. Our forensic methodology is detailed and delivers measurable and verifiable Results. From Start To Finish, we act as your General Contractor and provide you with all of the steps necessary for a successful outcome - Needs Analysis, Proposals with ROI and Tax calculations, Installation, Service, Warranty and Guaranty.

Solutions, Systems and Strategies ... not Sales.

From Thought to Finish ... We are your shepherd and steward.

We are headquartered in Miami, Florida - USA.

We work Globally and welcome Export-Import inquiries.

Please contact FRASER ALLPORT - CEO - at 305-351-6922 for your Free Energy and Water Savings Analysis of your property.

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