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JME Roll-Off & C&D Recycling Center

1401 Fallon Avenue
Monticello, MN 55362


Service area: 75 miles

JME Roll-Off provides dumpster service for C&D waste debris at commercial new construction sites, remodeling projects for commercial and residential, and for residential home builders. JME will provide site separation of recyclable materials or single sort a commingled dumpster for trackable documentation for LEED or MN Greenstar certification. As a supplier of these services, our staff has taken the LEED course in New Construction so that we may understand better our contribution in a new construction or remodeling project. After we became USGBC members,the next step was to provide recycling of the C&D waste debris we collect at job sites and divert from 50 to 75% from entering the landfill; so we now offer JME C&D Recycling Center. The next step was to get accreditation and LEED credit for our facility visa-vis further training with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency sponsored Waste Cap Solutions workshop: C&D Recycling. Our continuing goal is to find more end markets for the materials we are looking to recycle including asphalt shingles for our roofing contractors as well as gypsum wallboard for all our builder contractors.