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DSI Entertainment Systems

DSI Entertainment Systems

653 N. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: DSI Entertainment Systems is based in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, though installations are performed throughout the globe.

DSI Entertainment Systems is a custom audio video integration company with experience and know-how on how to design low-voltage systems to save energy. A member of the USGBC Los Angeles chapter, DSI routinely designs and installs Lutron HomeWorks, Vantage, and Crestron lighting control systems, which are programmed to reduce a home's lighting energy consumption.

DSI is one of the largest home automation - smart home control companies in California, representing the two leading integration control companies: Crestron and AMX. DSI designs and programs these control systems to automatically shut down audio-video components that are not in use. The Crestron and AMX touchscreens may be used as energy use "dashboards" to give users real-time energy consumption and water & gas usage. Statistics show that merely being aware of how much resources a home or building uses leads to users doing their best to cut down on usage.

Though audio-video, control systems, and lighting control systems by their very nature are not "green" out of the box, DSI Entertainment Systems can design and program a comprehensive, connected system that does save energy while giving clients the amenities they expect.

Examples of energy-saving home automation programming may include a single button press that: 1 - shuts off all lights at night, 2 - shuts off all audio-video systems in the house, 3 - sets the thermostats to an energy-saving setting, 4 - arms the security system.

As you can see, a properly designed system adds both convenience and energy-savings. Please visit the DSI Entertainment Systems' website, or better yet, call today for more information.