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Dematerializing the Project:

Concrete is a fundamental part of every construction project - whether new construction or a remodel. Adding any extra material to a project results in greater expenditures and environmental stressors such as harvesting, manufacturing, refining and transporting another product to the job site. Finishing the floor by simply polishing the existing concrete material avoids these stressors while substantially decreasing the environmental footprint of the project, and saves on everything from natural resources to the pollution and costs associated with shipping.

Reducing airborne contaminants and VOCs:

Up to 30% of the population have chemical sensitivities. Stemming from the “sick building syndrome” of the 1970s, indoor air quality is one focus of green construction. Polished concrete contributes no noticeable VOCs in the construction process, improving the indoor air quality.

Optimizes Energy Efficiency:

The reflective nature of polished concrete reduces the amount of artificial illumination needed by maximizing the natural and artificial lighting already in use, thus improving energy efficiency of the lighting system as a whole.

The thermal mass gained from constructing with concrete, including walls and exposed concrete floors, in conjunction with passive solar design principals, moderates the daily temperature fluctuations, reducing the load on HVAC systems.