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Architecture in Formation

526 West 26th Street, Suite 422
New York, NY 10001


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: We are willing and able to take on projects throughout the U.S. or abroad depending on the size, type, and budget of a project.

Our firm has built its reputation on innovative custom high-end residential projects, often in New York City, where creative problem-solving was critical. This interest in exploiting the "simple, thoughtful, solution" is now evident in all of our work, be it a single-family house or large-scale master plan.
Our first "green" project was green by default: an old farmhouse in Texas renovated and extended so as to be "at harmony with the land around" and using local and appropriate materials. A similar approach was taken for a house on Long Island. In 1998 I did not think to call this green, though it qualifies today. Now, we are in the process of designing and developing a 150-acre sustainable mixed-use development on the same family land. Now, we have been asked to collaborate on the design of large-scale multi-family "green" projects with large established "green" firms such as FX Fowle and HOK.