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Driftwood Landscape, Inc.

9046 Woolmarket Road
Biloxi, MS 39532


Service area: 200 miles

Service Area: Accepting Rainwater Harvest projects anywhere in the Southeastern United States. Licensed & insured; our company has professional equipment & uniformed staff. All we need is your interest and we can provide everything else get your rainwater harvest project afloat! (Certified RainXchange Pros)

Richard A. Drummond, Pres.. B.L.A.-Miss. State Univ. 1992. State licensed landscape contractor specializing in rainwater harvest systems. Certified RainXchange Professionals (Aquascape, Inc.); in business since 1994. Focus: educating the public to the benefits of harvesting the rain and efficient storm-water retention.

Located in a coastal environment, we realize that every gallon of fresh water that is removed from our aquifer is replaced by a gallon of salt water, from the Gulf of Mexico. We also recognize the northern G.O.M. as a tremendous resource and we can promote it's well-being by reducing runoff and dumping of pollutants, such as nitrogen, hydrocarbons & silt, contained in storm water by increasing the retention and natural percolation of runoff from land surfaces.

We encourage the use of rainwater harvest systems, including rain gardens, underground water storage, rain-barrels and well-designed storm water management systems. These methods of collection create a low-cost, sustainable option to the use of expensive, treated water for everyday, outdoor activities such as comm/res irr. sys., pool/spa top-off, hand-watering of landscaping, washing cars, boats & buildings & so much more while creating beautiful, sustainable water features!

This allows a greater percentage of water to be returned to the aquifer via natural percolation through the soil while taking advantage of the natural cleansing processes that occur when rainwater is allowed to be returned to it's rightful place in a natural way.

In addition to being a low-cost supply of water for non-potable use, these methods of retaining water, on-site could drastically reduce the amount of storm-water that is currently being returned to sewage treatment facilities & waterways via our sanitary and storm sewer systems if adopted, en masse. In many cases, the existing water management systems are outdated, undersized, inefficient and expensive at best.

These systems were not designed to handle the current loads, much less increased future pressure and can't keep pace with tomorrow's increasing demands for water treatment and storm-water management.

If the ancient concept of harvesting the rain could become commonplace once again, the exponential effect & reduction of pressure on the existing sewer systems would be HUGE!

Our company goal is to ensure that everything we do is geared toward educating the public with regard to this technology; providing quality services; continuing to innovate through product development and system efficiency; and, promoting awareness of the need to do this simple thing for all of the right reasons.

We also use 'Empire' Zoysia sod (drought tolerant, pest res. & low fert. req.); install native plants; accept plant waste from the public & offer the composted material to those who contribute; install permeable pavers & we recycle paver construction waste by reusing the material as the "core" of our waterfall construction projects.