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Innovative Water Solutions LLC

USGBC member

501 W. Powell Ln.
Ste. 202
Austin, TX 78753


Service area: 200 miles

We provide sustainable water conservation solutions that help to reduce your water footprint and save you money. We design and install rainwater collection systems, graywater reuse systems, and water conservative irrigation systems. In addition, we install gutter systems and drainage improvements that could solve your problems and provide you with a water saving opportunity. We can also consult with you about landscape choices so that you can start off with a reduced demand for water.

We have installed over 1,250,000 gallons of rainwater collection storage volume. We can provide systems that are not only water savers but also aesthetically pleasing.

We employ a licensed professional engineer as well as a licenced irrigator. We carry certifications from the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association.

U.S. Green Building Council Member
U.S. Green Building Council Member

The U.S. Green Building Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation. More...